How Do I Remove a 13 Second Software Passthrough Delay?

I have a 13 second delay from when I hit record until I hear the sound in my headphones and would like to get rid of it. I am running Windows 10 and I just updated to Audacity 3.1.3 from a 2.something.something version. I did not have the problem before the update. I have reset my computer with no improvement. Any suggestions?

What are you recording?

until I hear the sound in my headphones

Do you get the Audacity bouncing sound meter and blue waves immediately, or are they delayed, too?

Is there a delay between the recording meters and the playback meters?

Do you hear the beginning of the performance, or are you missing the first 13 seconds of the performance?

I can’t imagine where 13 seconds of sound could be going. There is normally a slight delay between a recording event and the headphone sound through the “Playthrough” service. It drives the overdubbing and sound-on-sound people nuts. But I don’t think that’s what this is.


Do you use iCloud? or other on-line cloud storage?


I do not use icloud or other on line storage. Storage is on my ssd when I am recording. The recording and waveform graphics start right away, but the music in my headphones is delayed.



I went back to generic trouble shooting and reinstalled Audacity. The problem is gone.