How do I record my vinyl in stereo?? (USB Phono Plus)

Hi there,

I’m using an Artcessories USB Phono Plus to record vinyl from my record player onto my computer. When I monitor directly from the USB Phono Plus, I can hear that the track I am recording is indeed stereo, but audacity records it as two mono tracks (thus it does not sound like stereo anymore).

One thing I noticed is that my computer recognizes the USB Phono Plus as a “Microphone (USB Audio CODEC)” Is this correct?? Those of you who have recorded vinyl in this way, does your computer normally call your usb device a “microphone”?

I have made sure that audacity is set to “stereo” in the Device Preferences.

But I still am unable to capture the original stereo recording…

Any ideas??


Windows often does that because it just sees the USB audio chip and assumes it is a microphone (the same chip is commonly used for many different USB audio devices).

Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel and in the recording tab, ensure that the USB audio device is set to record 2 channels stereo.