How Do I Record Mic and Computer Audio

I know how to just record computer audio using windows WASAPI and having the mic as speakers but can you help me record both mic audio and computer auio?, I’m using audacity latest version on a Windows 7 Home Premium and i’m using a Microphone (Usb Device)
Can you help?

There is a program called voicemeeter which is supposed to be able to make up additional pathways and connections. I’ve never used it.

I do it with a sound mixer and an analog microphone. It’s not visible in this pix, but there is a theatrical headset microphone on the table. I have the left-hand Mac playing sound to the mixer and the output of the mixer goes into the Stereo Line-In for recording in Audacity. So that’s your two different sound pathways at the same time.

The right-hand Mac is for Skype.

The show theme music is playing on the left-hand Mac.