How do I record in Stereo?

I’ve been recording in Audacity for years. In the past, I used a Yamaha MG10XU mixer with USB connection to my computer. With this setup, I easily recorded in stereo…no problems. However, I recently upgraded my mixer to a Behringer X32 Producer. Now I’m having trouble recording in stereo. I’m still using a USB connector, and I’m still selecting “Stereo” in Audacity; unfortunately, Audacity is only recording in mono. It allows me to see two stereo channels, but it’s only recording on one of them (the top one). Nothing I do seems to allow me to record in stereo. (I’m having the same trouble with my Pro Audio Studio 24 interface). Is there anything I can do to record in stereo? It’s kind of frustrating. This has never been an issue in the past. Thanks for any help you can give.

Note: I mainly record vocals for voiceover, radio, etc. I’m typically not trying to mix vocals, instruments, etc. But I like to record in stereo for my vocals. The mics I use include RE20, TLM 103, AT 2020, AT 4033.


I think those mics are all mono: they only have one diaphragm in them.

I suspect your “stereo” recordings with those mics were actually dual-mono,
which looks like stereo, but both the tracks are absolutely identical.

You can add a pseudo-stereo effect by duplicating the mono recording
and joining those identical tracks into a dual-mono pair, then applying a pseudo-stereo effect to that dual-mono track.

IMO, “stereoize” on the free Ozone Imager plugin produces a realistic stereo effect from mono originals…


(Other pseudo-stereo plugins are available).