How do I record from live internet radio??

Hi, I"ve got a Macbook Pro
I am listening to live internet radio and want to record so i can eventually put it on my iPod.
I can record it fine… but it records from the built in mic. So if there is any noise in the house… it pick it up
I can’t seem to find a way to just record what is coming into the computer itself from streaming radio…
Can anyone out there tell me how to do this???
Please help…

You just have to get better at keeping the dog from barking. Your neighbors will thank you.

Macs don’t have any natural, internal way do do this. The best way is to install and use the SoundFlower software.


Please don’t double post.

Thanks, I 'll try it.

hello there,
I downloaded the sound flower.
I also figured out how to record internally…
But one glitch… the audacity now adds a long drawn out echo to what ever I record. Like a pulsating with the demo…
i figure I must have something turned on like a loop or something… but can’t figure it out…
Any insights?

You have to follow the instructions exactly. Audacity has to get the show from Soundflower but Audacity has to send the show to the headphone connection or wherever your sound system is.

Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Playback > Device > Built-In Output (in my case).
Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [X] Software Playthrough. Deselect everything else.

It’s not unusual in this setup to be creating a perfectly delightful recording (Audacity sound meters are kicking and you have blue waves) and not be able to hear it.