How do I record a phone voicemail onto my macbook pro?

Just installed Audacity and read through part of the tutorials. Sadly, I still can’t figure out how to record a few vociemails from my home phone into the program and then into iTunes. I purchased the audio cables and connected one end into the jack on my laptop and the other end into the jack on my telephone.
I played the message and hit the audacity record button but got nothing. Can’t even hear the playback. PLEASE HELP! All I want to do is record voicemails from some family members - one of my Mom’s voice who is now deceased.

You’re going to have to fill a lot of holes. Which Mac exactly and which OS-X? My 15" MacBook Pro has a special place to plug in something for recording. Two black arrows and thin circle. If you have a smaller Mac you may not have that.

I don’t do it that way. I use a special microphone.

I put that in my ear and put the telephone over it. It picks up both sides of the conversation and it works with almost any computer.

That’s an Olympus TP7. I understand the TP8 doesn’t need the tiny silver and black sound adapter.


There is a way to cheat. Set up to record your laptop from its built-in microphone. It’s behind the grill just to the left of the “fn” key on mine. Start the recording and jam the earset of the phone over that microphone.