How Do I Post An Equalizer?

I have the XML code for an equalizer that more or less duplicates the action of a Shure High Pass Filter to suppress rumble, low frequency junk, and microphone hand noise.

I’ve been opening up the Audacity Equalizer code and inserting it manually. I can’t believe that’s the only way to do that. I had a question that would have been helped with this code, but I got stuck in how to do it. That’s too close to: “I want to edit my music, but I don’t know C++.”

So you want me to open up the XML code and do what?


Hi koz,
Funny place to post - I’m not sure exactly what you are asking.

I thought you know how to edit the EQCurves.xml file (I’m sure I remember a previous conversation about editing that file), are you asking for a simple way for non-techie people to be able to do this? Perhaps an “import preset” function for the graphic Eq?
Hmm… that might be a nice feature.

I guess that an XML editor is not going to be what you are after (

I know exactly how to do it, but I need to tell me non-techie mum.

Remembering in Mac Land, if you open up TextEdit, it arrives in full-on, Rich Text Format or worse. You have to change it intentionally to Plain Text. Save that RTF file in Audacity by accident and you lose your equalizers–all of them. Windows isn’t immune to that either. Correct me, but WordPad starts out life in RTF, too?

Of course everybody knows how to edit in vi and emacs right? right?

If you do computers for a living, this whole thing can happen between sips of coffee/tea. If you’re not…

“I’m a complete newby with Computers/Audacity and I need to know how to save a file…”

A separate way out of this may be equalizer modules. On one of my Audacity installs, Apple tools are installed as a separate block from the internal Audacity tools. How hard is it to make a module?


I thought it might be something like that.

Never been there

Yes, WordPad does, but NotePad is good ol’ plain text.

Um… no point asking me, I’ve not got a clue, but GEdit is cool (over here in Gnome land).

I don’t know the answer to that either. I’m pretty fluent as a computer user and can edit the xml file while I sip my tea, but I know next to nothing about programming.

What do you think to the idea of having an “import preset” function in the Equalizer effect?

The way that I would envisage it is that anyone with a bit of computer knowledge could create a text file with the appropriate tags and list in between, then your mother could open the Equalizer effect and select “Import Preset”, browse to the text file that you e-mailed to her, and Audacity would read the file and write its contents into the EQCurves.xml file, adding it to the bottom of the list of presets just above the .

It would actually be possible to write a Nyquist plug-in to do that, but sorting out a user friendly GUI would probably be a problem.

<<<What do you think to the idea of having an “import preset” function in the Equalizer effect?>>


“I know just the cure for your sound problem. Download this text file from my web site and import it into your Equalizer Tool.”

Works for me.


If you care to post your version of such a feature in the "Feature request section, I’ll add my vote to it.

Done. I posted it here against the idea that there was a way to do it through the forum.


Exporting and importing EQ presets should be fairly easy, and is already done in 1.3.6 in the custom FFmpeg exporter - an exported preset is just a self-contained XML file, which can be imported in using the Import Presets button - the code for the preset is then slotted into the ffmpeg_presets.xml file that the custom exporter reads.

The code for the custom exporter is here. If anyone wants to write a patch against CVS HEAD that adds import and export of presets to Effects/Equalization.cpp, I’m sure it will be welcome. Meantime it is currently a Feature Request on the Wiki.