How do I normalize tracks?

I have a recording where the right track is lower in volume than the left track. Would like to make them the same. How do I do this? I am new at this so please give me step by step info. Thanks

Use the track “Pan” slider

Note that Gain and Pan are real-time, not affecting the audio data. If you want to see the change in the waveform, Tracks > Mix and Render… .

Also see the Normalize effect itself, which does affect the audio data. Normalize - Audacity Manual.


If you use the Normalize effect, click the box that says Normalize stereo channels independently. Otherwise, the original left-right balance will be preserved.

Note that normalization is based on the peaks… After normalizing independently both channels will have the same peak level. About 90% of the time that should give you good balance, but not always since loudness perception correlates better with average and rather poorly with peaks.