How do i make drums on audacity?

How do i make drums on audacity? Or can i?

If not is there any free software i can use to make some? Im recording some of my songs i have the guitars and bass down i just need to make the drums.

Im sorry if this question is an old one. Thanks for any help!!

You can’t make drums in Audacity, but you can record real life sounds and send them through filters and effects to sound like drums. Or you can record yourself playing actual drums. Audacity can handle both of those just fine.

There is an open source drum machine called “Hydrogen” (also available for Windows on the download page).
You can create the drums in Hydrogen and export as a WAV file, then import that WAV file into Audacity for editing / processing / mixing with other sounds.

I don’t do this kind of thing myself, but look into [u]MIDI[/u]. MIDI is basically “sheet music” for the computer. Just to get an idea of what can be done, if you search the Internet you can find free MIDI files that you can play on your computer using the synthesizer built into your soundcard. I think they play in Windows Media Player (I’ve never had to download an application to play MIDI files), but you’ll need another application to create or edit MIDI.

Most of the background music in movies is now done with MIDI. Of course, these are done with high quality synthesizers & virtual instruments.

You’ll need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or other MIDI program. There are a couple of very popular plug-ins (virtual instrumets?) called EZ Drummer and Superior Drummer. I think these use actual recorded drum samples for very realistic sounding drums.

What about FL Studio will that be any good?

thanks for the replys!

You’re going to lose a lot of people when you start asking non-Audacity questions.