How do I make audio track swing through both ears?

Hello guys.

I’m recording my own material for the first time, using audacity, and everything’s been going pretty well. The only problem I’ve got right now, is the lack of an effect that I really need to put in a guitar solo in order for the whole song to work out as I need it to. The effect I’m looking for is one which will make the solo start, for example, in my left ear (using phones), slowing continuing all the way to my right ear, having been in the middle, right back, slowly, to my left ear again, etc…
I’m sorry, I really don’t know how to describe this kind of psychadelic sort of effect, but I’m really in need of help at the moment an any help I could get would be thoroughly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

I deleted your duplicate post. We 're not responding because there is no simple answer. Audacity has no tools that work in real time, so you would have to build the effect which is not simple.


One way is to duplicate the guitar into stereo and then use the fade tools on one side or the other.

Open and select the guitar track. Click just above MUTE. Edit > Duplicate.

Click the drop-down menus to the left of the top track > Make Stereo Track.

Use the drop-down tools again to Split Stereo Track. That should give you two independent sound tracks labeled Left and Right.

Drag-Select a portion of one of the tracks and Effect > Fade-Out. When you’re listening on headphones, the guitar should slowly shift to the opposite ear.

When you’re done applying the direction shifting, Use the same dropdown and Make Stereo Track.

File > Export. Audacity will not Save a sound file. You have to Export to get one.


Try the “Panning (LFO)” plugin. You can download it here: Missing features - Audacity Support
Instructions for installing: Missing features - Audacity Support
Note that the track needs to be a 2 channel stereo track. If the track is currently mono, you will need to duplicate the track, then join the tracks together to make a stereo track. See here for joining tracks: Audacity Manual

Thank you so much guys. Took both your advices and worked it out both ways.