How do I make 2 voices in ONE audacity track sound about the same volume?

No :smiley:
It’s not simple for anyone.

The best you can do is to “compress” the track so that it remains at about the same level throughout. That will make the quiet voice louder when it is on its own. It will not help when both voices are speaking at the same time.

There’s a plug-in here that you could try: Missing features - Audacity Support
That is a “Nyquist plug-in”.
Installation instructions for Windows here:

(Please note that Audacity no longer officially supports Windows XP.)

In my use case I think Levelator may not be the best solution but it certainly is the easiest.

Easier than the “Level Speech” plug-in? I didn’t think that was possible :confused:

I love Auphonic for this. I think you can still get a free account with two hours of processing per month, so there is little risk in trying it to see if it will solve your level problem.

Considering that the original poster has been banned for spamming (not a genuine user), there’s really no need for further replies. I am therefore closing this topic.

As this is the Audacity help forum, solutions to problems using Audacity are much preferred to solutions that use commercial software or commercial services.

The “Level Speech” plug-in is a completely free forever plug-in that I wrote for Audacity. No registration or account needed.
See my first post for download and installation details (