How do I listen to a .caf file on audacity [SOLVED]

I recorded a CAF Audio (.caf) file on my Ipad app called notes plus, and imported to my Dell Lap top which operates on windows 7. I can listen to the file with quick time player, but there is a lot of back ground noise; hence, the reason I downloaded Audacity. Its an important recording of a meeting, but some of the speakers voices are barely audible and there is a lot of back ground noise. I was hoping that if I could eliminate some of the back ground noise, I could perhaps understand some of what is being said by some of the speakers. But, Audacity doesn’t recognize the file. Does anyone know how I can get Audacity to improve this audio file?

If iPad created the CAF file it probably contains AAC audio. If so, install FFmpeg ( ) then Audacity should import the file.


Worked perfectly. Thank you.