How do I label sounds below a certain volume?


I have a recording of myself talking and I make a lot of breathing noises that I want to remove. I could go through my track and manually pick out each breath sound, but I prefer a more efficient method. I have experimented with Noise Gate and Noise Reduction, but I always end up accidentally cutting out some audio I want to keep.

I would like to automatically label any sounds that are below -19 dB, the loudness of a typical breath. I know you can automatically label sounds above a threshold using the Label Sounds analyzer, but I don’t know if you can label sounds below a threshold. I tried using Label Sounds to find any sounds above -19 dB with the idea that any sounds left unlabelled would be below -19 dB. However, Label Sounds could still not parse out the breaths, probably because the breaths are too short to count as sounds.

Does anyone know what I could do?