How do I get English language version?

When I install 2.0.0 I get the Swedish language as default and can’t find anywhere to change this. There is not choice when installing and I can’t find anywhere in the software to change this.

Since all guides and all tips on forums and from friends is in English I much prefer English as the software language for this type of software. In a specialized area like audio editing there is plenty of expressions I know in English but have no idea of the Swedish word.

You get a choice for the installer and I choose English. No effect on actual software though. I have English Windows 7 64 but have Swedish as default language under control panel → clock, language and region → region and language. I need this to get my keyboards etc to work correctly but surely there must be a way to avoid forced translated software. I’ve seen this behavior a few times in other software but most does not do this even if there is a Swedish version. You almost always get a choice then.

What can I do to get the English version?


Audacity > Preferences > Interface > Language.

Thank you.

The irony of course that even with that help it took me a minute to figure out where that was because that’s obviously not how it was named for me.

Seriously, for this type of software where smaller languages have much less documentation and tips than in English it would probably be a good idea to ask the question during installation.

I agree, one should be able to choose the language during the installation process. Even though, I found in this forum how to change the language to English I also took a little while to find it out.

Audacity used to do that, but people kept asking why Audacity could not set the language automatically, which just goes to prove that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. I think that it’s a fair bet that for the vast majority of users, the computer system language will be the same as the users main language.

Where do I get this Audicity button!
I am sorry - Just I am too far from the technology stuff

For those on Windows or Linux, it’s Edit > Preferences (or CTRL + P) then choose “Interface” on the left and then the “Language” box on the right.


windows X.P. purchased neostar tape to digital system downloaded audacity as their instructions work ok except all lettering showed as ? marks. so down loaded Aud from website now words are in an Arabic style. so cannot tell how to export to mp3 or such things please can you describe a simple way to convert page lettering to english. many thanks in anticipation

From your description, it sounds as if you may have received Audacity 1.2 with Neostar, accidentally chosen Arabic when Audacity asked you what language to use, and now you have Audacity 2.0.0 which thinks you want Arabic language because you chose it before.

To correct the problem, please read this .

If you are using Audacity 2.0.0 use the first five steps shown. You can check what version you have at Help > About Audacity.


Please could someone help? I am living in Mexico, and I am trying to install the English version. I go for the English option in sourceforge and when I install I get a Spanish version. I go to the edit tab, and there is no “interface” option on the left hand side list. I am using WIndows 7, I uninstalled it and looked for other download site, and get again the Spanish version. What can I do?

Thanks so much

Please read this Frequently Asked Question .


After the install completes, launch Audacity and do Ctrl+P to get into the Preferences. The language setting is in the Interface tab.

Except that in Spanish, it isn’t :wink:


Thank you very much Gale. The instructions were clear in this link. The problem was that interface was translated as Work Space (ESpacio de trabajo), son counting the 5th option down was precise.

Thank you again and have a great day!