How Do I get ahold of customer service?

I had deleted a file and your program would not recover it. How do I speak to customer service?

This forum is the best place to get help.

There are recovery tools that can sometimes recover deleted files.

Audacity is free and open source. There are no customer support department or support employees, although Muse owns the trademark, provides support, and apparently funds the website. And I think some of their employees are active on this forum.

I know it’s too late, but, advice for the future -
Make a WAV or FLAC backup immediately after recording, whether you make an AUP3 project or not. The AUP3 file is more complex and more fragile than regular audio files.

And depending on how critical and unreplaceable it is, keep multiple backups in multiple locations, just as you would with any other important files.

…And if you are recording something critical where there’s no chance for “take-2”, set-up a 2nd computer, or a solid state recorder, etc., to record in parallel. (Computers are the least reliable things we own!)