How do I get a fuller sound

We were singing A’ Capella in a church and the concert was recorded by a local radio station.
We had no amplification, relying on the lovely acoustics and the recording was done on a hand held Sony recorder.
We have used the recording as the basis for a ‘Live’ CD. (The Radio station sent us their sound files)
I now realise that the sound seems a little ‘thin’.
Is there a way that I can give it a ‘fuller’ sound please? There are just 4 voices SATB.

multi*-band compression.
There are several free multi-band compression plugins that work in Audacity, e.g. …
KSHMR Essentials Kick | W. A. Production (turn up “pressure” dial).
GVST - GMulti

[* Audacity comes with a single-band compressor].

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Run your audiofile through BandLab. BandLab - Make Music Online
Its free. If you don’t want to create an account, you can sign in through your Google or Facebook account. You just hit the “+” sign at the top of the page to upload your file (any format is ok). It takes a couple minutes for it to process your music and once it is mastered you can hear how it sounds under 4 different filters (Universal, Clarity, Tape, and Fire). While the music is playing you can any one of those options (4 boxes underneath your waveform) And then download whichever one you like best. Or download your file under any number of the filters! It only exports to a WAV file, but you can import that in Audacity and make any refinements you want and export in your choice format. You’ll be amazed at the sound transformation.

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As far as Audacity plugins check out TokyoDawn VSTs, their free vsts are super easy to use, come with a bunch of presets and produce amazing results.

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TokyoDawnRecords’ Nova can be a multi-band compressor,
(but it’s not as simple as KSHMR’s free plugin).

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Thanks everyone. I’ll give them all a try and report back

ToneBooster’s “Broadcast” (v3) is a free multi-band compressor with AGC & limiter. Makes it full & loud …

the controls are a bit fiddly, (but there are presets).

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