How do I fix the Change Pitch (and Tempo)?

When I use the change pitch function on Audacity, the audio comes off as stuttery and echoey. This also applies when I change tempo (not for speeding up, but for speeding down), and I’m wondering what I need to do to change this up so that it’s not like that. Is it the version? No specific plug-in?

Which Windows and which Audacity? See: pink band at the top of this thread.


Windows 10.

Audacity 2.1.1

How much are you trying to change tempo or pitch? By the laws of audio, if you change tempo, then pitch changes as well, and vice-versa. So you can only change one without changing the other by a modest amount before there are noticeable artifacts.

If you want a higher quality result, use Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift but it takes longer to process.

Are you trying to change female voice to male? If so try Rovee VST plugin ( ). Here is how to install VST plugins:


Normally I just change the pitch by one. On my old computer (Vista, Audacity 1.3), it can pitch change no problem, so I was wondering what’s different and how I could change that.

A change of 1 semitone should not have much artifacting.

You could attach the original sample before you try to change it. Please see here for how to attach files:


Alright, here you go.

I don’t know how you managed to get such bad quality when you applied the effects. This is the sort of result that I get: