How do I delete all audio between two 'labels'?

So much of Audacity is counterintuitive.

So I have a section of audio I need to cut out of a long recording but I need to double click between two markers in order to select the piece to delete.
I’ve set a ‘label’ at the start and end of the part to be deleted.

Now if I double click on the wave in between the markers (or ‘labels’ as you call them) it still just selects the entire WAV meaning labels are not markers at all, despite what people here tell me. :unamused:

Perhaps you should switch back to Sound Forge.

No you don’t need to double click on anything.

  1. Click on the track’s “Select” button to select the track.
  2. Click in the label text area.
  3. Press “Enter”
  4. Press “Del”.

That worked for me with a single region label, but not so well with two point labels. :frowning:

For those point labels: for each label, I clicked on the yellow line in the track above the label, then did Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split (Ctrl-I)
Then I did the double-click thingy. :smiley: