How do I delete a section without it automatically moving it

I have been using Pro Tools for a bit. When I highlight a portion and delete it Pro Tools leaves that section empty. Audacity however moves the audio over filling the gap.
I record audio books and when I’m deleting audio it is to “de-breath”. I want to keep my pacing and spacing intact but simply remove the audio of my taking a breath. Unfortunately Audacity won’t leave the space empty, it automatically moves the audio adjacent to each other. How do I delete the audio without it removing my pause in speech? I hope I described this well enough. Is there a setting somewhere I can check or uncheck that will allow me to delete audio and keep the gap of time?
Thanks for the help.

Edit > Remove Audio or Labels > Split Delete (COMMAND + OPTION + K). This will create Clips either side of the Split Delete.

If you choose Audacity > Preferences, then “Tracks” on the left and then uncheck “Editing a clip can move other clips”, a standard delete will still move back the following audio in that clip, but will not move back the audio in following clips.

Alternatively, Edit > Remove Audio or Labels > Silence Audio (COMMAND + L). This does not create separate clips.


Thank you. Yes the “Split Delete” is what I was looking for.