how do i databend/mosh

hello forum,
i’m trying to figure out how to databend.
i’m new to video/2d animation,but i think i have the basics.
i’ve used the prescibed method for audacity, but i can’t get
the resulting file to open in either windows movie maker or
pinnacle hd studio(i don’t expect miracles from either)
i’ve tried other programs for this technique and had
momentary success w/avidemux,but that was it.
i realize this column is audio,but the audacity approach
keeps popping up.
any help would be appreciated
thanks win7x64 ,audacity installed from zip

Export your music Microsoft WAV, 48000, 16-bit Stereo. That’s default PCM video music format.

Change the sample rate with the little window lower left of Audacity. It probably defaulted to 44100 unless you changed it.


hello koz,
many thanks for your reply.
i’ve gotten so pre-occupied w/this technique that i’m letting everything
else go by the wayside(my own fault, obviously).
exporting@48000hz,16 bit certainly makes sense since my video editor
uses that for audio.i sure hope it works.even if it doesn’t,your courtesy
is deeply appreciated.
best regards m.