How do I create this radio-like effect? [FirstPost]

Hello everyone,
This effect has made me wonder for a long time.
I just never really thought of asking how to do it.
Here is the effect I want to make
It’s from Eminem’s song Berzerk.

I hope someone can get a lead.

The two effects that you need are, “distortion” and “band limiting”.

Currently Audacity does not include a dedicated “distortion” effect, but the “Leveller” effect can be used for that. Higher “Degrees of leveling” settings produce noticeable amounts of distortion - for even more distortion, the effect may be applied multiple times.

“Band limiting” is simply filtering to remove or reduce low and high frequencies, so that the range of frequencies remaining lie within a reduced range. The Equalization effect can do this. Try the “AM Radio” preset, or for a stronger effect, the “Walkie Talkie” preset.

Apply the distortion (“Limiter”) first, and then the band-limiting (“Equalization”).

(The next release of Audacity will include a dedicated “distortion” effect).

Hey Steve,
I hope i’m not a bother,
But I want to create similar effect (Similar to the effect I wanted above)
I am looking forward to the Distort effect coming soon :slight_smile: :smiley: