How do I create a Fade Out Clip?

I just started using this software.
I got the Intro music up.
But now I want to import a closing song…
It goes to the beginning of the file…
I want to start it toward the end to fade in and such…
OMG What do I do!

Have a look at this tutorial, it covers many of the basic editing tasks:

I did that and I still don’t either see or get how to

  1. Put a different song than the intro for an outro.
  2. How to incorporate segment clips.

Audacity is a multi-track audio production tool. Audio clips may be in the same or different audio tracks. If you want audio segments to overlap, they need to be in separate tracks. if the audio segments are in sequence without overlapping, they may be in separate or the same audio track (whichever is more convenient). When you Play the audio, all audio tracks are played together. When you Export the project to create a normal audio file, the tracks are mixed into a single mono/stereo file.

Audio segments can be moved left / right or dragged into other tracks (subject to their being space in the track) by using the Time Shift tool (double headed arrow button ↔ )

When you import an audio file, by default it is imported into a new audio track. You can slide it to the position that you require using the Time Shift tool.

This is all covered in this article:

I can read but sending me an article I can’t understand and need dummied down is the way it is.
Also , my last 30 seconds of audio decides to fade out.
IS there any way to just take the audio and pull it out to use it again as a fresh audio with no corrections to it???