How do I create a DDP file with audacity?

Hey people!

So I created these good-night-stories for children and now I want to make CDs from that. The manufacturer tells me I need to deliver him the files in the .DDP format. Audacity doesn’t have this as an exporting function.

How can I create a DDP file with audacity? Is this even possible? I’m on Mac OS X btw.

Also: I thought about getting myself Wavelab because apparently this software can do it. But is there a way to import an .AUP project with all it’s tracks / fade-in, fade-out etc. into Wavelab? Or does anyone of you know if there is another professional Sound-Sofware that can import .aup files and export into DDP?

Thanks so much for any tips and hints!

DDP is used by some commercial CD manufacturers but is not required for making an audio CD for your own use. You just need to export WAV files, then use a suitable CD burning application to write to a “CD R” disk (for example, iTunes can write CDs). Note: To make a CD that will play in a standard CD player, you need to specify “audio CD” (rather than “data CD”) when you use the CD burning software.

For more information, see:

Hi Steve,

yeah, but I want the manufacturer to actually produce the CDs. So I need the DDP files.


To clarify. Audacity does not export DDP files. Only Audacity can read AUP files.

You can export WAV files for each CD track which any audio editor will accept.

Or find a CD manufacturer that does not require DDP.


All commercial CD manufacturers that I have dealt with will accept WAV files. If a particular manufacturer insists on DDP, I’d suggest that you find a more helpful company.

Thanks for the clarification.

They actually do accept WAV files but I have to pay 15$ per CD (6 CDs in total) for the conversion to DDP. I’d avoid that fee if I could do it easily on myself.

Audacity still can’t make DDP files. Google any help?

You should be creating WAV files of your work anyway. Audacity Projects can be brittle and as above, only open in Audacity.


All major DAW’s I know can export DDP files, except GarageBand.

You could try the evaluation copy of REAPER. It’s feature complete and you can use it for 60 days. After that, it is 60$. Unless you make over 10.000$ a year with it, then it is 225$. No copy protection or pesky USB dongles. See:

It has a much steeper learning curve, however.

There used to be CD burning tools that could do it to, like Roxio’s Toast. But these have all declined in use, since iTunes and even the Finder can burn CD’s these days.

and how many are you having pressed? For a run of 500, that’s 3c per CD, and if there’s any problem with the conversion to DDP then that’s their responsibility.