How do I convert ogg as 24 bit depth?

Could someone please tell me how I would convert ogg vorbis as 24 bit depth with step by step instructions?

Are you wanting to convert from Ogg, or to Ogg?
Ogg Vorbis is a lossy compression format and “bit-depth” is not meaningful for such formats.

Bit depth is only meaningful in reference to a PCM digital signal. Non-PCM formats, such as lossy compression formats, do not have associated bit depths.

If you want to convert from Ogg to a 24-bit PCM format, what format do you want to convert to? Perhaps 24-bit WAV? Why would you want to do that?

Because I have a Blu-ray movie that is 24 bit and I am getting sound effects from it. I don’t care if its meaningful. As long as I get it to 24 bit

Also, I want to convert it to 24 bit pcm, if not possible then 24 bit wav will do

I just want to basically make my ogg file 24 bit, because the game I want to put my sound effects in only supports ogg

There’s no such thing as 24-bit Ogg. “24-bit” refers to the “bit-depth” of PCM encoded audio. As described in Wikipedia, Ogg does not have “bit-depth”. For better sound quality Ogg, set the “Quality” slider to a high number (in the Export dialog: The higher the number, the less sound quality is lost, but the bigger the file will be. You will probably not find any noticeable improvement in sound quality above “7” (because there is so little loss in quality), but the file size will be quite a bit bigger at 8, bigger still at 9, and even bigger at 10.
(see here for more info about Ogg quality settings:

You’re getting confused between the “format” and the “encoding”.
“WAV” is a “format” that includes header information and audio data that is “PCM encoded”. “AIFF” is another format in which the audio data is PCM encoded.

For best quality sound you need to “rip” (digitally extract) the audio from the disk. That requires using a “ripping” program. If you don’t already have such a program, have a search with Google (or whatever your favourite search engine). There’s quite a few to choose from. If you only want the Ogg file, see if you can find a ripper that can rip directly to Ogg, as that will save time and trouble.

If I used Audacity to convert to ogg, would it be as good quality as using a ripper?

Yes. Most applications would use libvorbis to encode OGG files, as Audacity does.