How do I combine two tracks, so they both play simultaneously?


I apologize if this has already been answered but I’ve been searching the site & I just can’t find what I’m looking for. I have two tracks (for simplicity purposes, we’ll call them : Track #1 & Track #2). I want to take track #2 (which has very soft audio) and place track #2 so that it plays on top of track #1. In other words, both tracks are playing at the exact same time.

I’m not interested in putting track #2 after track #1. I’ve come across numerous pages where they illustrate how to merge the two tracks so it’s ultimately one track, but the audio files play one right after the other. I don’t want that.

Both tracks are relatively the same length (give or take like 30 seconds). Track #1 has soothing audio at a normal volume. Track #2 has audio that is very low. You can barely hear it. You’d have to crank up your speakers to like 100 just to hear it. I want Track #2 to start playing approximately 7 seconds into Track #1. I don’t want to fade anything out. All I want is for both tracks to be playing at full volume at the same time, as one track.

Can you help me?

File > Import the first track and it will appear as blue waves.
File > Import the second track and it will appear underneath the first. They will both play at the same time (unless you stop them with the SOLO the MUTE buttons) and if you export the production, Audacity will mix them together into one show.

If the timing is wrong or any other problem, you can select one track by clicking just right of the up arrow…

… and apply corrections to it alone.


After you import the first track, de-select it by clicking anywhere in a blank workspace. Then import the second.