How do I combine audio tracks so that they each have the sam

How do I combine audio tracks so that they each have the same tempo? I am trying to mix a couple of songs together, but how do i get a tempo from one song and apply that tempo to all the other tracks so that everything is in synch?

If you want to slow down or speed up like a DJ would by changing the speed of the deck, then the effect you need is called “change speed”

How to do it:
Listen to one of the tracks and count how many beats per minute, then do the same for the second track.

Let’s say the first track is at 120bpm and the second track is at 190bpm and you want the second track to play at the same speed as the first track (120bpm).

You need to work out the % change in speed.
(new speed)-(original speed)= the required change in speed
(required change in speed)/(original speed)=the proportion of change
then multiply by 100 to get it as a percentage.

In this case it would be a reduction in speed of (100x(120-190))/190= -36.842
Use this figure in the “Change Speed” effect.

Ahh Ok I get it…i found this java applet which you tap the keyboard at every beat to get the bmp too…will that work?

or this one is better

also am i counting the main beat or every single beat i hear?

If it’s dance music or similar, something with a strong regular beat, I find just counting and looking at a watch to be the most accurate. It’s the main, regular pulse that you need to be counting - difficult to describe without listening to an example, if you have trouble counting the beats you may need to get a music teacher or a musician to show you how.