How do I change the formants of my voice separately from the pitch?

What I’m trying to do is change the resonance and pitch of my voice inversely, in order to create a cool effect. That is, lowering the formants and raising the pitch, or raising the formants and lowering the pitch. Think of a deep monster voice singing falsetto or a squeaky chipmunk voice singing bass. How can I do this in Audacity? Or do I need to download a separate plug-in or something?

Two free plugins which can do that in Audacity (on windows) are Rovee , Autotalent.

I can’t really understand exactly what the ReadMe.txt file is saying because of the poor English.

It’s not that bad, just two misspellings.

Just copy “RoVee.dll” and paste it in to Audacity’s plug-ins folder.

Rovee only has 4 controls …

RoVee-ReadMe.txt (1.48 KB)

It turns out my Audacity already has RoVee on it (my brother must have installed it a long time ago). How do I open it in Audacity?

You have to paste a copy of “RoVee.dll” into Audacity’s plug-ins folder which is in a hidden folder called AppData …


Then you have to enable RoVee …
https ://

Then RoVee will be on the Audacity Effects menu

I already looked in the plugin folder, and when I tried pasting it in, it said there was already a file with the same name. I looked, and the same RoVee file was already there in the plugin folder. How do I open it in Audacity?

Enable RoVee.gif

i’m trying to put RoVee on the Audacity on another computer in my house (same operating system), but it doesn’t have any folders underneath the “Audacity” folder. How do I put it into Audacity?

The current version of Audacity has plugins within a hidden-folder called AppData …


In old versions of Audacity the plugins folder is here …

Program Files\Audacity\Plug-Ins