How Do I Change Keys on My Music Files

I am trying to use Audicity 2.x on either my Windows 7 or Windows Vista Computers. I have installed Audacity on my Windows Vista computer and when I open it I can’t seem to find any information on this. I have purchased some background music for a performance I am going to do in February, but the key is too high. Can Audacity help me with this.

Open the music (import) to Audacity and then Effect > Change Pitch. I wouldn’t give up the search for the right music, though. The “change” tools usually only work well over a very limited range usually two or three piano notes.

The Change tools change everything, not just the notes. You know when somebody is playing the acoustic guitar they can get that little squeak from the fingerboard? The change tools change the squeak and the pick noises in addition to the musical notes. Then the guitarist plays in a different key for real, the squeak and pick noises stay the same.

The same thing happens with voices which is why we can’t make you into an announcer/presenter.


There is also a more complicated but higher quality effect that can be used: Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift…

Thank you for your speedy response. I imported my audo track into iTunes, changing it to an MP3 file. When I go to Audacity/File/Import and select Audio I get a message that says it can’t import it. Here is the message that comes up:

"Audacity did not recognize the type of file ‘CUsersVinceMusiciTunesPrevious iTunes LibrariesiTunes Library 2013-01-26.itf’ If it is uncompressed, try importing it using “import Raw”.

I tried the importing it raw suggestion, but it only seems to import a very short staticky audio clip.

I’m missing some information on how to get the file into Audacity after I have put it in my iTunes music library. Would appreciate your help. Thanks.

Stop doing that conversion thing. That’s not helping.

I have purchased some background music for a performance

How did it arrive? As separate files? Try opening in Audacity directly. Install the FFMpeg software if you need to.


ITL or ITF is not audio, it’s an iTunes library configuration file.

Right-click over the file in iTunes > GetInfo. Then you can see where the file actually is on your computer.