how do i amplify the background music?

hi there, i don’t know where to put this post so i’m posting it here. does any one know how i can amplify the back ground and make so it doesn’t sound faded while i talk in the forground?’

i’m using the latest audacity 2.1.3.

The current version of Audacity is 2.1.2. Perhaps you are using an alpha version?

This tutorial should be helpful:

It doesn’t say so in the tutorial, but you can’t adjust it after post. Once you mix the voice with the background, that’s the end of the story. Production and adjusting only work when the music and your voice are on different tracks.

While you’re there, Audacity has Effect > Auto Duck which will automatically dip the volume of the background sound or music while you talk. Again, works between two tracks, not after you mix them.

You can also have the computer trying to help you. Windows machines stopped being general-purpose computers a long time ago. They are communications and conferencing computers now and they have automatic tools to suppress background “noise” and try to make your voice clearer and louder. Many people find they can’t do theatrical production with the tools active and background suppression hates music.