How do get an out-of-tune effect on Audacity?

Is there any possibility I can get an out-of-tune effect on an audio track on Audacity? I don’t know how to explain it, but you knnow like in comedy shows or soemthing when they play a really nice track and then suddenly like a zip changes it or stops it, to show like a reality check or something. Ha, but it should be like Yadda-yadda-yadda-Zzzzzzip (out-of-tune effect) and music stops. Like I want it to kind of close the audio track?

What would the effect be called?

Thank you in advance…

Have you tried the “Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift” effect?
Alternatively, perhaps you can find an example on-line somewhere and edit that into your recording?

Steve, isn’t that your turntable plug-in. To me, it just appears it is that warping effect tomclinton wants.
Of course, it is not quite the same since in those shows the live musicians produce the chaos at the end by playing detuned individually. However, it is a typical effect to simply let die the music by virtually switching off the power.

Yes there is also Turntable_Warping_MS (by David Sky)

Just a note, you want the AM Radio detune affect, right? That very high whistle and then the voices get all crisp and then you get the next station? That’s really hard to do with tools and effects not designed to do that, particularly because the effect fades in over time as you move the tuning knob. You don’t just switch to it.

Who do you expect to recognize it?