How did I connect my headphones?

I’m trying to record a podcast using Audio Technica M30X headphones. I’d like to be able to hear myself while I’m recording my audio. First, I’m having difficulty getting the audio to come through my headphones consistently. I have the headphones connected into the microphone (ATR 2100X). Second, when the audio does come through, it only comes through the Left side of the headphones. How do I get the headphones connected so that it comes through the headset consistently and through both sides? I’ve tried changing the Settings and Troubleshooting the issue, but I was unsuccessful.


I assume that you mean “ATR2100x-USB”.

According to the audio-technica website, the ATR2100x-USB provides “direct monitoring”, so there are only three items involved:

  1. The mic
  2. The headphones
  3. USB power

First I’d suggest that you check that the headphones are working reliably with a different sound source (for example, with a CD player). Pay particular attention to the headphone cable and ensure that they don’t cut out if you wiggle the cable.

If the headphones appear to be OK, try again with the headphones plugged into the mic. Check that the headphone plug is secure in the microphone’s headphone socket. Check that the microphone USB lead is plugged in securely at both the mic and computer ends. Check that the headphones don’t crackle or cut out when the cables are gently wiggled.

Left-only can mean you didn’t push the headphone connector in all the way.

The first connection that establishes when you push goes to the left earpiece.

That, of course, has never happened to me.


I checked all the connections. I’m able to hear myself through the headphones now, but I’m getting really bad and distorted audio playback. I’ve gone to ‘Edit’, ‘Preferences’, ‘Recording’ and unchecked the (overdub) box to see if that would help. I’m still getting the distorted audio. Troubleshooting isn’t fixing the issue either. I’m using the 2.4.2 version.


Please post a short audio sample in WAV format (about 6 seconds) and we may be able to see what the problem is.