How could I blend my vocals within the music?

I’ve been using Audacity for a few weeks but I can’t figure out how to blend my vocals within the music. My voice is hard to hear when the music is playing, even when adjusting the volumes. Sometimes I can hear my voice at the beginning of the song, but for example if it hits the chorus, and the music gets louder, then my vocals is too low. So basically I’m asking how to blend my vocals perfectly within the music so that both the music and vocals are being heard. Thank you.

Sounds like a job for Audacity’s envelope tool which allows you to control the volume of each section …

how to blend my vocals perfectly within the music

control the volume of each section

I don’t know that there is an “each section.” The way I read the question has the poster with a mixed single sound file wondering how to fix it.

You probably don’t. Audacity can not take apart a mixed performance into individual voices, instruments and other sounds. Once you jam it all together, that’s the end of most corrections.

What you’re supposed to do (as in Trebor’s response) is have the music and the voice on individual tracks. That will look like multiple blue waves one above the other. Each blue wave has a different part of the song. Voice, Guitar, Drums, Glockenspiel, etc. It’s a simple matter to change the volume of each one so the final is a pleasant mix.

Audacity will automatically mix them all down to one sound file when you Export.


What I meant was, how can I make it so that the voice/lyrics is heard clearly, while the music still being at a good volume.
My music and vocals are separate waves, but sometimes the music is over my voice and my voice isn’t heard clearly, and it’s hard to understand what I say. But then sometimes if I turn it up to make it more clear, then my voice becomes too loud over the music.
I want to mix them so that both are clearly heard

Then Audacity’s envelope tool allows you to adjust the volume of the vocal track, or music track, at any point in time …
Demo of Audacity's 'envelope tool'on 2 (mono) tracks.gif

The Envelope Tool only gets lower in volume. The goal is to achieve a pleasant mix without overload sound damage (blue waves too tall or the sound meter turning red). Then if you need it louder after that, you need to use one of the compression tools to increase the density of the work. That’s what happens to commercial songs. They don’t sound anything like you buy them as they’re being recorded. The final volume happens way later in post production.