How can one imprint the volume & pitch of one track onto another?

I want to create a “one song to the tune of another” by which I impose the pitch and volume of one track onto another. I could probably do this manually but I was wondering if there was an automatic feature.

I’m glad you know a way to do this manually. :wink:

The Amplify Effect can adjust the volume up or down. You should usually reduce the louder file because you boost the volume you can push the peaks into clipping (distortion). And peak levels don’t correlate well with perceived loudness so matching the peaks won’t work.

If you are trying to volume-match two (or a few) tracks it’s best to do it by-ear. (Audacity has “Loudness Normalization” so you can make two or more tracks the same loudness, but it can also result in clipping.)

There is also a Change Pitch effect. Hopefully, you know the key of each song or maybe you are a musician and you can figure it out by playing-along with your own instrument.

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