How Can I View EQ Settings Of A Project?

I’m trying to get a certain EQ sound used on my voice in a previous project. When I open the project back up, how can I view all of my EQ settings? Please help.

Unless you saved the EQ you applied as a preset in the equalizer,
then Audacity will have forgotten it after you closed the project.

My Effects > Equalization seems to hang on to the last known good curve seemingly forever—or until I change it. It’s had Low Rolloff on there for a week, through multiple restarts and a machine backup.

What happens if you just open up Audacity, Generate noise (or something) and Effect > Equalization? That may be the last curve you used.

Save it if it’s there.

If it’s not there, then it’s gone.

If somebody had a gun and said I had to get close, I would open up before and after clips, invert one and subtract them. Then do Analyze > Plot Spectrum. Those lumps and bumps are the approximate curve you used. If you applied other effects between the clean clip and the equalized clip, it’s gone.


I see what happened. Low Rolloff is a preset.


I think you were right the first time :
I’ve just checked, the last-used equalization [on Audacity 2.2.1.] does persist after a restart [on Windows].

I’m not complaining about that. I wish Noise Reduction would hang on to the last known good profile.


I posted a product improvement.