How can I suppress/remove ECHO effect with Audacity ?


I have an Echo effect on an original Audio recording in a conference room.
Please, how can I suppress/remove ECHO effect with Audacity ?

I know how to suppress background Noise with Noise Reduction but Echo no…

Thanks for your help.

You should really deal with echo before you record. For example:

  • Choose a room that does not have too much echo.
  • Use directional microphones close to each speaker, or tie-clip microphones.
  • Place sound absorbent baffles in the room to absorb and break up echoes

Trying to remove echo / reverb after recording is very difficult and often fails.
The technique described here sometimes helps a bit: Noisegate Plug In doesn't appear - #14 by steve

this has noticeable distortion, but some reduction in the echo.

Echoes (recording in a bathroom) are a good, reliable way to kill your show. There are no known good ways to “filter out” echoes because echoes are your own voice coming back to the microphone late.

This commercial production is probably always going to sound like that. The announcer decided to abandoned the studio they had been using and record at home.


Hello, try this plug-in: Dereverb (