How can I slow down the speed "just for editing"

I am looking for 2 solutions:
A) How can I slow down the speed “just for editing” so that it is easier to hit the exact point where you want to edit something?
I recorded a podcast text. Now I want to cut out an inappropriate noise between 2 words. But the playback is so fast that you can hardly click and set the marker in time.

B) Why does the window not run during playback? If I zoom into a sound track, only the section is displayed when I click on play. The view of the track does not work with … which is extremely bad for setting another marker.

And why are the main functions not available as a context menu with a right click, such as disconnect, set markers, copy etc.?

Sure, all of the things are somehow in the program, only after 4 days of searching and testing I didn’t find them?!?

Thanks for your support! The program is great, only for the “layman” and “newbie”, obvious functions are difficult to find. Like moving audio tracks, just left-click and hold the button on a track to move, as is often done in other programs. Anyway, I’ll find my way in there.

Only the questions above are currently important for me to find an answer / solution here so that I can get better results faster.

Thanks for your support!

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[ The spectrogram display may be more useful than the default waveform display for some types of editing ]

  1. See Trebor’s reply.

  2. Personally, I prefer to swipe the area and use Ctrl-B to create a labelled region. I then zoom in as necesssary and drag the end-points, confirming that I do or do not have the area of concern in my selection. If I am really picky, I use two adjoining regions, dragging the junction label, and see which region captures the area of concern. See: Adjusting the junction point where two labels meet

Check that Edit > Preferences > Tracks > Auto-scroll if head un-pinned is checked.