How can I shift part of track?


Can someone please let me know how I can shift part of the track (not the whole track). In the screenshot below, I just want to shift the highlighted part of the track to left 0.1 second. However after I click the ↔ button and move the selected (highlighted) section of the track, the whole track got moved :frowning:
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I’m not sure it there’s a “best way”, but you could copy that section and paste-into a new track where you can freely-align it. After clicking Copy, Generate → Silence to mute the original selection.

Split the selected audio to a new track (“Edit menu > Clip boundaries > Split New”)
Then use the Time Shift tool to nudge it to the left.

Thanks for your information. It solved my problem :slight_smile:

If I need to shift a few sections of the recorded track. I assume I just repeat the little trick, right? Is there any limit on how many tracks I can create in the same project?

Not sure whether or not it’s doable. It would be great if future releases can let users shift just the portion they select/highlight on the track.

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