How can I reduce crackling/popping sounds on a ringtone?

I’m trying to make a ringtone for someone who’s using a Samsung Galaxy S2. However, the speakers don’t play it as properly as my computer speakers/headphones would (not sure if it’s the bass that’s causing it).

For rock/metal instruments, what would someone try and alter to make it sound more clear?

I’ve tried to search a few things on Google, but haven’t had much luck since I’m not sure what exactly is causing it (not to mention I don’t know much about audio programs other than editing file length).

(Audacity 2.0.3/Windows 7)

I don’t have a Samsung Galaxy, but I imagine that it has a very small speaker, so bass frequencies could easily cause problems.

The other thing that will certainly cause problems is if the audio is too loud.

Try making a recording of your voice (or any voice). Ensure that it sounds “clean” with no audible distortion at all. In Audacity use the “Normalize” effect to make the maximum peak level about -2 dB (minus two). Human voices do not have excessive bass, so that should sound quite reasonable on the Galaxy. Does it?

If that sounds OK then we can move on to music. If it sounds bad then we need to work out why before we go any further.

Voices do sound reasonable, at least about what you would expect for a phone speaker (no crackling etc.).

Good, that sounds promising.
Could you post the actual audio file that caused the problem?
See here for how to post audio samples to the forum: