how can i recover this unsaved project

i have recently recover audio with audacity and ive forgot to save the when i open audacity it starts with project recovery but when i click on recover project appears the error not well-formed in line 5 ....ive atached the file maybe someone can help me with this. thanks and sorry for my english :smiley:
New Project - 2014-07-11 03-34-39 N-3.autosave (690 KB)

I can’t see anything wrong with that file unless you are using Audacity 2.0.0 ANSI in which case the accented characters in the track name could be the problem.

Try the attached file where I have renamed the track to “audio”.

Unless you are actually using an ANSI version of Windows (98 or ME) please update to the latest Audacity 2.0.5 from . Then you should not have a problem with accented characters.

New Project - 2014-07-11 03-34-39 N-3.autosave (690 KB)

i have audacity 2.0.5 but still not working help me please…the same error invalid token in line 5

with your atachment appears invalid token at line 6771

The basic problem is that the AUTOSAVE file you have was created in 2.0.0 ANSI. That file contains Unicode characters but is ANSI encoded. ANSI encoding does not support accented characters, hence the problem.

I hadn’t noticed the accented character in the second channel’s name, sorry, so I have renamed the second channel to “audio”. Please try that (attached).

New Project - 2014-07-11 03-34-39 N-3.autosave (690 KB)

it doesn`t appear error at line 5 but there is another problem “project check found file inconsistencies during automatic recovery…select show log in the help menu to see details”

These will very likely be “orphan files” which are files for Undo and Redo which Audacity could not delete because you did not close the project properly last time.

Did you look in the log? If the only warnings are for orphan files and you see:

"Warning: Project check ignored orphan block file(s). They will be deleted when project is saved."

then Audacity will delete the redundant Undo/Redo files and you don’t need to worry about the inconsistencies.

If you are not sure, please open the log and save it (Log > Save… at top left of the log). Then attach the log. Please see here for how to attach files: . Do not quit Audacity in the meantime, in case there is a problem. If you need to restart the computer, open Windows Task Manger (ALT + SHIFT + ESC) and force Audacity to quit without answering Audacity questions about saving or not saving.

Also please make sure you have uninstalled and deleted 2.0.0 ANSI. If you use that again and type Spanish accented characters you will have the same problem again. :frowning: