How can I record Webex?


How can I use Audacity to record webex ression sound and NOT my voice as I will chat with a friend next to me with my laptop?


Assuming that your voice isn’t coming out of your speakers/headphones Audacity with [u]WASAPI loopback[/u] will probably work (depending on your operating system and drivers).

This did not work for me. Has anyone found a solution?

Use the built-in recording feature. See:

ah but then this doesn’t work in break out sessions

Audacity can only record from one device at a time.

Windows treats a microphone as one device, and “sound playing on the computer” as another device, so you can’t record from both at the same time with Audacity.

You could enable “listen to this device” for the microphone in the Windows sound settings. That would echo the microphone through to the sound card output so that you could then record it along with the sound playing on the computer, though you would probably find it very distracting to hear your voice echoing through your headphones. Also, Webex may automatically disable that setting.

You could use a third party app such as Voicemeeter to combine the sound card output with your microphone input as a single “virtual device”, and then set Audacity to record from the virtual device. Some users report success with this method, but please note that Voicemeeter is not our product and we are not able to provide technical support for it. Voicemeeter support is here:

The “professional” solution would be to use one computer for conferencing, and a second computer (or other recording device) for recording, and a mixing desk to route all of the inputs / outputs to the necessary places. This is what radio stations frequently do with “phone in” shows.