How can i record a two way phone conversation

I have windows 10. I have Free Conference Call, Skype etc. I use a USB Mic for my end. How can I get other side to record. If detailed you can use this email

I removed your email address. Audacity does not offer personal help and it’s insanely dangerous to post a live email address on the forum.

Audacity doesn’t do well on a machine with other sound programs. In most cases, you can get your own voice because that’s a service of your computer, but the far side is a service of Skype, GChat, Conferencing, etc and they are usually so busy managing direction switching, echo and environment cancellation, there’s nothing left to record.

I think the Party Line is to point you to a sound management program such as VoiceMeeter Banana.

Post back if you get something to work. That will make you the expert.


We tend to become a slave to your initial posting, so let me side-step a bit. Are you preparing a two-person podcast from different locations? Working from my comments above, you can have both parties record their own voices and one send a WAV sound file (not MP3) to the other to edit into a high quality podcast. The voices in the show never go through Skype bubbling and honky sound.

You may have two different problems with this solution. The most obvious is how to start the show. It’s not important (oddly enough) when you both start recording. It’s critical you both start the show at the same time. I posted a possibility of the primary producer (you) yells into the microphone “Sound Sync!” and then clap your hands. The other side pushes their headphones up against their microphone. That will give one sync clap at the top of both shows.

There’s a more insidious problem when you start the show on time but don’t finish. You can time the two segments and use Effect > Change Speed to resolve that.