How can I record a new track when i have put in music for a guided meditation?

I want to record a guided meditation.
I have already dropped in the music for the meditation, but when i try to record my voice, the recording starts to record after the music track ends.

How can I record a new track starting when the music is starting?

I have tried to add a new track under the music track, but again, when i hit the record button it starts recording again after the music.


You can select the track or a section of the track first (or tracks if recording two channels - you need to make sure both are selected) below, and it should start recording there. However, maybe someone else knows a better way to do it? (I’m fairly new to Audacity myself)
It would be useful if you could ‘lock’ a track, as I do find I keep recording to the end of my rhythm track by mistake…(I actually just arrived here to ask this very question, so just hijacking your thread!)

Drag’n’drop music stereotrack in project. Create a new mono track. Select 1 (Mono) Recording Channel in Audio Setup->Recording Channels. Put the cursor on the monotrack in the desired place and press the Record button

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