How can I move the playhead with the mouse?

I’m using Audacity version 3.1.3 on Ubuntu 20.04.
This is installed from the default Ubuntu repo.

I’m trying to figure out how to move the playhead with the mouse.

Basically, I’d like to quickly navigate quickly across the tracks that I’m editing.
At the moment if I try and move the playhead I end up either creating a selection or a looping region.

Searching the forums, someone pointed to “Using time-line quickplay” in order to move the playhead manually, and linked to this section of the docs:

… however, there is nothing in this section describing how to manually move the playhead.

So how can I do this?

  1. Stop playback.
    Tip: “Spacebar” to start/stop playback.

  2. Zoom out if necessary so that you can see where you want to move the play head to (See:
    Tip: “Ctrl + F” zooms out to fit the whole project on screen.

  3. Click on the waveform at the point where you want the play head to be.


I was hoping that there’d be a way to do it without pausing first.

But hitting space to pause makes things easier.

Thank you.