How can I modify the audacity's interface(edit audacity.rc?)

How can I modify the interface? I think I should modify audacity.rc, but when I try to open it , it shows a error that can’t be opened. How do I deal with it or provide other suggestion,thanks!

Please be much more specific about what you want to change.

This is all that audacity.rc controls (these contents show in Explorer’s “Details” property sheet for audacity.exe)

CompanyName", "The Audacity Team"
"FileDescription", "Audacity®, the Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor"
"InternalName", "Audacity"
"LegalCopyright", "Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved."
"LegalTrademarks", "Audacity® is a registered trademark."
"OriginalFilename", "Audacity.exe"
"ProductName", "Audacity®"

Changing that RC file will have no effect unless you recompile Audacity or access its contents some other way (for example, with a resource editor).


Thanks. I want to modify audicity’s original interface, for example, delete some menu.
I think I can do it by comparing modifying VC project’s rc as the attachment.
But it show errors that I couldn’t open it.

How can I modify audicity’s rc throwing visualization tool.(In MFC you can modify interface by editing visual rc)

See this article: