How can I mark three tracks at a time?

I have a rhythm track and two music tracks. I would like to see as accurately as possible how they align. I would like to make a single line top to bottom through all three tracks. Is there a way to do that? (I’m very new to Audacity. I think it’s amazing!) In this YouTube demo when the narrator selects, it selects both tracks (similar issue). He doesn’t seem to do anything special. When I do the same thing, it only selects from the track where my mouse is.


P.S. I’m running Windows 10, Audacity 2.4.2


If you click in the top track or make a selection in the top track, then hold the shift key and arrow down, the line and/or the selection is copied down.

Is that what you are trying to do?


Well, that works for selection, but not for just making a line. If I just click on a track it makes a vertical line, but if I move my mouse at all, it makes a tiny selection. I see that if I hold the mouse key down and drag it to the lower tracks, they, too, get that same selection, and I suppose I could use one edge for purposes of alignment diagnosis. I don’t see that the shift key makes any difference. It’s that single line (the beginning of a selection, I guess), that I’d like. Or maybe a “clip” line? I don’t really understand that concept.

If I click once in the top track and release my mouse button, then zoom in to a single sample, my line in the first track is resting on a single sample. If I then do shift and arrow down, the single sample selection line drops down through other tracks.

PERFECT!!! Thanks so much!