How can I make my voice sound like Transformers Soundwave ?

What I thought would be easy is turning into a nightmare.
I’ve followed every tutorial on the internet, none of them work.

Here’s a great example of what I want…
That’s still not perfect but at least it’s close.

That guy said he was using FL Studio’s Vocoder Vocodex but I don’t want to buy over priced software just to do this one simple task.

I’m using the current version of audacity and I’ve played around with the vocoder but I’ve not even come close to making it sound right.

Can someone help me?

Try this “Easy Vocoder” effect:
easy-vocoder.ny (3.93 KB)

Yeah, I’m new.
I really don’t know how to add that to audacity.

Installation instructions (for any “Nyquist” plug-in):