How Can I make a sound look like it's coming from a distance

Hello from Greece!

I want to make a recorded voice look like it’s coming from another room of a house. Can anyone help me?


Use the low pass filter to reduce the brightness of the sound (make it sound a bit muffled).
You could perhaps apply a little bit of reverb before applying the low pass filter.

There was a posting like this on one of the video forums – a voice in this case. The forum filled up with opinions – all completely different. The only common thread was to make the voices different. When Hollywood calls for a job like that, they act it. The actor faces away from the microphone and raises their voices (that’s assuming they’re talking to someone on-camera). The room echoes and quality/pitch changes do the work.

You can’t convert a quiet, intimate, romantic scene into “I’m talking to you from the bathroom.” That doesn’t work unless that’s what’s called for in an overly complicated scene.

‘Marcia (in the bathroom) overhears John making smalltalk to Alice in the bedroom.’ And even then, It’s never carried that way for more than a word or two. The scene goes straight to closeups.

Another conceit is to experience the sound on-mic first to establish it, and then later off-mic, or behind the door as a contrast. “Wait, we heard that sound earlier and it’s much quieter and muffled now, so it must be coming from a great distance or behind that door.”

Then there’s the script device. [Hugh in a tense, stressed voice] “Wait, what’s that sound behind the door?”


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