how can I make a sample sound like a car pasing or a motor

I woul like to no how to turn a sample sound like a motor or a car passing by fast
here is a example

I can’t watch YouTube right now cause I’m at work, but you probably want a Doppler effect, so you’ll need to look for a Doppler effect plug-in. The Doppler effect is the pitch increase you get when something is moving toward, or the pitch decrease when someting in moving away from you.

Or, you might be able to do it with Audacity’s Wahwah effect.

Isn’t there a Sliding Pitch Shift or something like that? Can’t you get close with that? You may need to do it in multiple passes because a real Doppler shift gets much worse when the car/bus/train is closer than further away. You may also need the Envelope Tool which lets you get louder the closer the car is. That effect also gets much worse at close range.


See Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift - Audacity Manual but you can only set the start and ending pitch, so you’d have to run the effect separately on the audio for the sound that is approaching and the audio for the sound that’s receding.

It would probably be easier to add a Time Track then control the pitch with the Envelope Tool, though increasing the pitch with that method makes it play faster and reducing pitch makes it play slower.

If you want a free VST plug-in you could try . Please see for how to install VST plug-ins.


Which is the correct way of doing it–from a physical perspective.
Imagine a cyclist approaching you. she’s carrying a ghetto blaster and starts playback at 9:00, when she’s still 1 km away.
You’ll hear the first note at 9:00:03.
She arrives at your position at 9:03 and incidently, the song stops at the same time.
For you, the song lasts 2 m and 57 s, whereas the original length is 3 minutes.

You have to modify the stereo-image , not just add Doppler effect,
examples here …