How can I join 2 audio files to make it sound natural ?


I’d like to cut parts of a music file and join them with Audacity.

For example :


the result is :


I managed to do it by simply cutting B part, but unfortunately, I hear a short noise sound at the “joining point” in the audio result.

How can I delete that noise ? is there a better way to join parts ?

I’d like to do it without transition, so that it would look like the audio is continuous and ideally the user (me :smiley: ) wouldn’t notice something was done. I chose the endings/beginnings of audio parts intelligently (A ends with same chords/main note as C begins)

example of file where I did it :

Were you using Find Zero Crossings before deleting? This is often all that is needed for mono tracks. Otherwise you can perform a rapid fade in on clicks resulting from deletes.

See: Why do I hear clicks when I remove or paste audio, or at the start or end of the track?


Thank you for taking your time to answer,

I didn’t do the Find Zero Crossings thing, but if I understand well, it’s used to join audio parts that are “distinct”. In my case, I want to join 2 parts from the same audio which are very similar.
The original video is, and I’d like to cut the part between 0:55 and 2:05 because I don’t like it. The audio at 0:55 and 2:10 is almost the same.

I think that’s not very usual. Is it still possible then ?

I read the link, it contains certainly the solution to my problem. However, I tried one thing (zooming at the echantillon and using “repair” on the joining point) and it still doesn’t sound very good. (In attachment)

I wouldn’t be unhappy with that splice. You might get a slightly better result by going back to the original, giving yourself a few 10’s of milliseconds of overlap between the tracks and then using a cross-fade from one to the other. With that approach you can also fine tune the timing of the cut point, maybe catch those horns as they begin their notes rather than after.

Pretty amazing, I chose a better spot where to cut, and now it’s absolutely perfect. The editing is entirely unnoticeable. I didn’t expect it at all, I thought it was the fact of cutting the tracks that caused the unwanted sound… Thanks a lot !

I had to cut the B part, put C in a different track and “sync” them manually (so that they follow the same tempo). I didn’t even use cross fade, just cutting somewhere else (et the end of a measure) worked.

In my example it was easy because the end of A is almost exactly the same as the beginning of C. But if I’d like to perform the same thing on a different file in the future, but with A and C parts that don’t follow each other very well, which effect should I use ? is there a chance I can get a perfect result too ?