How can i isolate background music?

i have a video with music on the tv and 2 guys talking over it. i’d like to remove their voices and isolate that background music to be able to identify the song.

is this possible with audify?

Is it a stereo show? Two blue waves and they’re different? If so, you might be able to use Vocal Remover.

If it’s not stereo, then no.


it is stereo yes, but im having trouble configuring the vocal remover.

lets say i have 3 sounds.
first, the guys talking right next to the microphone
second, another guy with a chainsaw right next to them
and third the tv with the song i want to extract.

how do i have to configure the vocal remover to remove both the voices and the chainsaw? i have tried a few setups but i cant get audify to remove anything.

To isolate sounds in the center: